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Leah Farrugia

Year 12 Co-Ordinator

Cronulla High School

We were struggling to find an option to complete our Year 12 Life Ready Program, when we found The Self Awareness Mechanic.

Alan's experience, skills and knowledge gave us a high quality program, met our objectives and allowed our students an excellent opportunity to grow to be well rounded individuals.

"If you are having camp, life ready or other challenges, Alan and his team can't be recommended enough.  His facilitators and program were excellent, as well as being flexible to meet the needs of our cohort".

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Amy Harriman,

Head Teacher PDHPE

East Hills Girls High School

We chose Alan to present to our Year 11 students as part of our Life Ready program this year. 

Alan's Self Awareness Mechanic workshop was highly engaging. It fit the intention of the Life Ready course we designed, and landed extremely well with our students.


Alan's presentation was interactive and relatable, combining life experience with his career in professional sport and beyond.


"I highly recommend his workshop for its relevance to young people".

Sean Villa,

NRL Officiating

Academy Program Manager

Having worked with Alan for 4 years in various program modes, I have come to know his passion for educating and leading groups to transform their thinking and have a greater level of self-awareness.

Creating resilient, emotionally intelligent, motivated and purpose driven people is at the core of his purpose.


I can’t recommend enough utilising Alan’s skills and experience to anyone who wants to challenge their mindset, helping create the best version of their people or themselves.


Karra-Lee Nolan,

PDHPE Teacher &

NSWRL High Performance Unit Referee

“Alan Shortall is a coach, an educator and a great leader. Upheld by professionalism and knowledge, he has a passion for the learner, founded in the critical thinking process.

Having been through many officiating development programs I've been fortunate enough to experience tailored opportunities around resilience, self awareness, motivation and purpose delivered by Alan.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to anyone Alan's skills, knowledge and experience. His ability to challenge thinking will go a long way helping yourself or your students to become the best version of themselves.

Reach the Top

What is Self Awareness?

Self-awareness is the ability of a person to create an understanding of their thoughts, emotions, feelings, strengths and values.


What is the importance of having a better understanding of ourselves?

There is research that Self Awareness has a great impact on emotional intelligence, resilience and success.

Thus, allowing you to use your strengths, consider your weaknesses, and acknowledge what drives your thinking.

This helps guide your path by choosing to pursue opportunities that best fit your skillset, preferences and tendencies

Our Background

Alan Shortall is a former elite rugby league referee, officiating 294 matches within the National Rugby League's Telstra Premiership over 15 years. 


Now coaching elite athletes to reach their goals and 6 years within the banking sector, he has developed a skill set of knowing what high performance teams can deliver in pressure environments.


He has also been able to refine his skill set on building people and teams, utilising innovation to provide the outcomes required across many scenarios.


There has also been the investment in a strong theoretical knowledge base by completing a Masters in Business Administration and Bachelor’s Degrees in Business (Sports Management), Health Science (PD/H/PE) and Graduate Diploma in Education. 

His experience, knowledge, education and skillset inform the programs that The Self Awareness Mechanic develop and run for your group, team, or individual success.


What can the Self Awareness Mechanic 

provide for you or your team?

Life Ready Programs

Does your school need help developing and implementing Life Ready Skills programs. We can develop and deliver the syllabus of that program as well as meet any other objectives or outcomes your programs require

Team Coaching

Our program has worked with over 300 match officials and multiple business units coaching from a technical, strengths and leadership approach.

Learning and Development

Building programs for the education and development of individuals and groups has been the focus for a number of years. This could include creating competencies, curriculums, blended learning strategies and assessments to assist in the development of teams, programs, employees and individuals .

Leadership Development

 Having developed an Emerging Leadership Framework, with supporting education program and branding to create attachment, as well experience of developing culture and leadership within a sporting paradigm, The Self Awareness Mechanic could assist in developing your team's leadership potential.

A sub product of this program was also to invest further into middle managers within the organisation by asking them to challenge their leadership thinking through a 3 day offsite program.


Recent Articles


Talented Match Officials Academy

Creating better people through self awareness

The TMODA is a program focused on potential officials who could be selected into State high Performance Units in the coming years. It's focus is to highlight some of the key personal skills and well being touch points that don't get addressed within the State based programs throughout the season.

As part of a unifying National Structure put in place 3 years ago, Alan was heavily involved in the Academy's inception and has this year completely revamped its focus and structure. This article by outlines what the Talented Match Officials Academy is all about


National Women's Championship

Building a Strong Team to achieve your goals

As part of Alan's role within NRL Officiating, he was required to build a team of officials who were part of the National Women's Championships and National 15's & 18's Schoolboy Carnivals. This required detailed planning, program building, team selection and influencing the team to achieve the goal of running each carnival. The article here talks about the success achieved at the National Women's Championships and the first that was achieved by the team.


Self Awareness Mechanic