The Self Awareness Mechanic 

Our Why

Our program is founded in:

INSPIRING your students to gain a greater sense of self and confidence to connect with others

BUILDING their understanding of those activities and skills they do well at.

ENGAGING with those passions that motivate them everyday

CHOOSING the opportunities to grow their passions

KNOWING those people who are genuine and authentic partners in a better YOU

AWAKEN their thinking around beliefs and values to create their place in the world!

Our Point of Difference!

The development of The Self Awareness Mechanic Program has been immersed in the lived experiences of education programs & elite sporting environments. The importance of knowing yourself was key to improving, connecting, working as a team and constant growth to maintain high performance as well as reaching individual and group objectives. It is these experiences, activities and learning opportunities we can pass on that will grow your students to their higher purpose in life!

Our delivery can be a fixed or bespoke program to fit your needs!

Whether is it a one off session or a complete one or two day program in school, camp deliveries or offsite opportunities, we can provide facilitators and content that is engaging and meets the needs of your programs.