Invest in messages that lead positively to your future.

Our current dynamic has us invested in multiple different messaging points in a way we have not been attuned to. Normally we are rushing at great speed, completing tasks and investing in relationships so we can provide for our families.

The brake has been placed on most of us, as we are bound by multiple restrictions. This has led to managing our affairs from a distance, spending plenty of time with kids and partners on a much regular basis. With more free time, we are potentially filling it with concern for what our future looks like and whatever messages come our way. Without giving much thought, we tend to consume them whole and believe the ultimate outcome that it is being proposed. Pick up your smartphone and the myriad of positive and negative messages is exhausting and potentially damaging.

Having seen, heard and delivered presentations at various levels particularly around social media, one of the interesting dynamics is the messages being portrayed and the meaning behind them.

Have you ever stopped to think about the reactions you have to a story or video?

What is the reason the message is being delivered?

How does that impact the delivery of what you are seeing, hearing or experiencing?

Whilst those messages could be valuable and potentially what you actually believe, many are there to create an intended response to the information you're being presented.

If you have an interest in politics, it is an easy dynamic to show how messaging can impact on our beliefs and ultimately behaviours. Having viewed multiple sources in recent months, I have immersed myself in the political debate in the USA around the Trump presidency. It can be a valuable example to evaluate. Setting aside each sides political ideologies, it is a perfect scenario of agendas driving the message being sold to the general public in the face what could be the worst pandemic on record. Republican supporters attacking perceived Democratic leading media outlets around the distortion of the message and vice versa.

The importance of feeding your own thinking with the messages you need is vital to maintaining a positive outlook on life as well as staying healthy. It can be easy in this time to fill our lives with messages of fear and an inability to see the positives.

If your looking to change the message, take some time away from the smartphone and tv coverage. Much of the strategies used are there to get you to click, watch and return to see the answer, which is not going to change in the short term.

With the uncertainty that exists currently, here are a few strategies that might be of value to break up what you are experiencing:

Invest in some of those people who also align to your values, or if the future is uncertain those who are providing a growth mindset.

For me Simon Sinek has been a valuable thought leader. His books and messaging, particularly on leadership are part of what I have invested in recently.

Podcasts, now that we have the time to listen, may also be of value. Look for those that can keep you aligned with strategies that will grow you through this time.

There are plenty of leaders looking to offer their experience via online sessions talking about different strategies. Look for those people who align with positive messages and strategies looking forward to the future.

Look for opportunities to engage with others in the community. Knowing that you can help in a small way, can help to maintain that positive frame of mind and assist others in need is just as valuable. The most important way is to stick within the current restrictions and maintain the positive results in beating this virus. If we are searching for a higher purpose, then this could be where we begin.

The opportunity today is one where we can evaluate and potentially take the time to establish what is working for us and those aspects that can be better. These times can be one of growth or evolution with the right mindset and strategies.

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