The Self Awareness Mechanic 

Life Ready Program 

Why Self Awareness for School Students?


If you delve into The Federal Government’s Australian Student Wellbeing Framework, it speaks to important areas of development such as leadership, inclusion, and student voice. Mandatory education programming from the NSW Government must also engage students in a Life Ready program informing them on important skills for life after school in areas such as Independence, Mental Health Wellbeing, Relationships, Sexuality, Drugs and Alcohol, and safe Travel.


The development of The Self Awareness Mechanic Program has been immersed in the experiences of life in a world where knowing yourself was key to improving, connecting, working as a team and constant growth to maintain high performance as well as reaching individual and group objectives.

We can deliver a bespoke program to fit your needs! This includes other cohorts outside of the life ready program as well.


Ultimately, the program will achieve building a picture of who the student is, so they can find their value, determine clear opportunities they could invest into as well as people and resources they could utilise to help them grow into their journey.

Click                        to find our program outline or email us for a detailed discussion.

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